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Kayaking Experts

Bhuwan 'eddy' Adhikari - Founder and owner, 14 years of raft guiding and kayaking, done several first descents in Indian rivers, working the summer season in Europe.  
Ramesh Rawat.- A mountaineer and climber is in-charge of trekking & Mountain Biking, 15 years of trek guiding in India and Nepal.  
Kundan Bisht - Senior Trekking guide and raft guide, 14 years of experience in the field.  
Bhupal Bisht - Bhupal is Postgraduate from Nainital University , and after years of sailing he wanted to be a raft guide and joined De-n-Ascents in summers of 2006 and become an all rounder, raft guiding and trekking guide and works at office for all admin work and accounts.  
Ayodhya - At the age of 7 he came to Rishikesh to join one the oldest Sanskrit School in the country and after finishing High school he became a Hindu priest, but that was not the destiny he had some other dreams, got a trainee-ship in De-N-Ascent and become a very good kayaker and Raft guide and also learned very good English as another language along with extraordinary Sanskrit.  
Laxman - 17 year old self-employed shepherd become a very good kayaker in a very short time of learning period. Still got 26 ships and goes to bring them to the meadows and handover them to his uncle while he is kayaking.